How Business Auto Symbols Determine Your Commercial Auto Policy Coverages

Mar 20, 2023
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Welcome to the Texoma Insurance Agency's guide on how business auto symbols can impact the coverages of your commercial auto policy. We understand the importance of finding the right insurance coverage for your business vehicles, and our team of experts is here to help you navigate the complexities of commercial auto insurance.

Understanding Business Auto Symbols

Business auto symbols are numeric codes used by insurance companies to classify the types of vehicles to be insured. These symbols play a key role in determining the scope of coverage provided by your policy. Each symbol represents a certain category of vehicles and dictates the level of coverage applicable to them.

Types of Business Auto Symbols

Symbol 1: Any Auto

Symbol 1 provides the most comprehensive coverage available for your commercial auto policy. It includes all vehicles owned, leased, hired, or borrowed by your business.

Symbol 2: Owned Autos Only

Symbol 2 restricts coverage only to vehicles that are owned by your business. It does not extend coverage to leased, hired, or borrowed vehicles.

Symbol 3: Owned Private Passenger Autos Only

Symbol 3 specifically covers privately owned passenger vehicles used for business purposes. It excludes trucks, vans, and other types of commercial vehicles.

Symbol 4: Owned Autos Other Than Private Passenger Autos Only

Symbol 4 applies to owned vehicles such as trucks, vans, and other non-passenger commercial vehicles.

Symbol 5: Owned Autos Subject to No-Fault

Symbol 5 denotes vehicles that are subject to no-fault insurance laws. This symbol is used in states where no-fault insurance is required.

Symbol 6: Owned Autos Subject to a Compulsory Uninsured Motorists Law

Symbol 6 designates vehicles that are subject to a compulsory uninsured motorists law. This means that coverage for injuries caused by an uninsured driver is included in your policy.

Symbol 7: Specifically Described Autos Only

Symbol 7 limits coverage to the vehicles specifically listed and described on your policy declarations page. Any other vehicles used for business purposes would not be covered.

Symbol 8: Hired Autos Only

Symbol 8 extends coverage to vehicles that are leased, rented, hired, or borrowed by your business. It does not cover owned vehicles or those subject to no-fault or uninsured motorists laws.

Symbol 9: Non-Owned Autos Only

Symbol 9 provides coverage for vehicles that are used for your business but not owned, leased, hired, or borrowed by your business. This includes vehicles owned by employees or partners.

Choosing the Right Business Auto Symbol

When selecting a business auto symbol, itโ€™s crucial to evaluate the types of vehicles used for your business operations carefully. Choosing the wrong symbol could lead to insufficient coverage or unnecessary costs. At Texoma Insurance Agency, our experienced agents can guide you through the process of selecting the appropriate symbol for your commercial auto policy, ensuring you have the right coverage for your specific needs.

The Importance of Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is essential for any business that uses vehicles as part of its operations. It provides protection against financial losses resulting from accidents or other incidents involving your business vehicles. Depending on the symbol selected and the coverage options chosen, your policy may include liability insurance, physical damage coverage, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and more.

Why Choose Texoma Insurance Agency?

Texoma Insurance Agency is a leading provider of commercial auto insurance in the Finance - Insurance industry. With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we can assist you in finding the most suitable insurance solutions for your business vehicles. Our knowledgeable agents will take the time to understand your unique requirements and tailor a policy that offers comprehensive coverage at competitive rates.

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