The Best Caravans to Buy in Australia

Jan 21, 2024

Introducing Kokoda Caravans

If you are in search of the perfect caravans for your adventures in Australia, look no further than Kokoda Caravans. We specialize in providing high-quality family off road caravans and couples off road caravans that are built to withstand rugged terrains and make your journey unforgettable.

At Kokoda Caravans, we understand the needs and expectations of travelers who seek comfort, durability, and versatility in their caravans. With our top-of-the-line features and unmatched craftsmanship, we have become a leading name in the industry.

Family Off Road Caravans for Sale

Our range of family off road caravans at Kokoda Caravans is designed to cater to the needs of families who enjoy outdoor adventures. Whether you are planning a trip to the mountains, national parks, or scenic coastal areas, our caravans offer you the ultimate comfort and convenience.

Spacious and Luxurious Interiors

Our family off road caravans are carefully designed to provide maximum comfort and space for your entire family. Each caravan is equipped with luxurious amenities such as plush seating areas, fully equipped kitchens, comfortable sleeping quarters, and modern bathroom facilities.

Durable Construction for Rugged Terrains

Our caravans are built to withstand the toughest terrains and weather conditions in Australia. With their sturdy chassis and off-road capabilities, you can confidently explore remote areas without compromising on comfort or safety.

Ample Storage Space

We understand the importance of having sufficient storage space during your travels. Our caravans offer ample storage for all your belongings, including spacious wardrobes, overhead cabinets, and under-bed storage areas. You can conveniently pack all your essentials and travel hassle-free.

Couples Off Road Caravans for Sale

For couples looking for a cozy and adventurous getaway, we offer a range of premium off road caravans that are designed to provide the perfect blend of comfort and freedom. Discover the joy of traveling with our couples off road caravans.

Intimate and Comfortable Spaces

Our couples off road caravans feature intimate and well-designed spaces that provide a cozy ambiance and the opportunity to make lasting memories. From comfortable sleeping areas to compact yet functional kitchens, everything is thoughtfully crafted to enhance your travel experience.

Easy Maneuverability

Our caravans are engineered to offer easy maneuverability, allowing you to explore even the most challenging terrains with ease. With our off-road suspension systems and top-notch towing capabilities, you can confidently navigate through rough paths and narrow roads.

Efficient Power Systems

Power supply is a crucial aspect of any caravan adventure. Our caravans are equipped with efficient power systems that include solar panels and advanced battery setups, ensuring you always have a reliable source of power for your appliances and electronics.

Why Choose Kokoda Caravans?

When it comes to choosing caravans in Australia, Kokoda Caravans stands out as the number one choice for numerous reasons:

  1. Superior Build Quality: Our caravans are meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials and construction techniques to ensure durability and longevity.
  2. Extensive Range: We offer a wide selection of caravans to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you are a family or a couple, we have the perfect caravan for you.
  3. Exceptional Customer Service: At Kokoda Caravans, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you in finding the ideal caravan and provide any necessary after-sales support.
  4. Innovative Features: We continuously strive to incorporate the latest innovations and features into our caravans, ensuring that you are equipped with the most advanced technology during your travels.
  5. Raving Reviews: Our satisfied customers have consistently given positive reviews about our caravans, praising their performance, reliability, and overall value for money.


For the best caravanning experience in Australia, Kokoda Caravans offers a remarkable selection of family off road caravans and couples off road caravans for sale. Explore the breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable destinations with our premium caravans that are built to withstand any adventure.

Visit now to browse our extensive range and find your perfect caravan today!

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